Color Gems Company Ltd. established nearly 32 years ago, is internationally recognized as a leading manufacturer of medium to high end quality jewelry.

        The Color Gems Design and Product Development Center, with over 150 highly qualified designs, models and mold makers, provides the opportunity for our customers to explore design concepts and then rapidly bring these new and exciting products to markets around the world.

        We had the foresight to see the developing trend for high-quality Fine Gold jewelry and structured the company to meet this growing demand. Since then, Color Gems has been transformed from jewelry manufacturer to major designer, researcher, producer and exporter of fine gold jewelry. The challenges along our path have been very demanding. However, we have met the challenge, expanding production to meet this growing need while steadily increasing our own demands on quality and craftsmanship.

        Our company is fully integrated gemstone and jewelry manufacturer, primarily specialized in gemstone rough sourcing, cutting and polishing with strong connections with miners around the world and do import gemstone roughs directly from the mines, which enables cost effective production line providing any possible combination of color and cut in gemstones with innovative looks & styles.

        Color Gems Co, Ltd. brings these essential elements together to form the foundation of our company and ensure future success for ourselves and for our customers.